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Yelling ambiguity is a fundamental aspect of Hermans' work. It lures the viewer in with its smooth shine and fragility, but can overwhelm with its beastly opposite side.

Eduard Hermans is a visual artist based in Amsterdam and Assendelft, the Netherlands. He primarily focuses on ceramic sculpture, photography, and theater design. His current work revolves around human anatomy and portrays faces with disillusioned expressions that scream in wonder.

The central themes in his recent works are  MUTINY  and  SCREAMING ROYALS.  These are a series of porcelain sculptures and installations that address societal issues. In "MUTINY: The Artifice of Rebellion," Hermans depicts modern humans preparing for their personal battles as they navigate a world filled with billions of others. They must choose between masked, repressive rebellion or a path towards enlightenment as a free, individual rebel. The sculptures in "Mutiny" are made of white, grey, or black glazed porcelain and represent fragile contemporary armor to protect the human form. The photographs in "Mutiny" were created in collaboration with Swiss choreographer Martino Muller.

In  SCREAMING ROYALS,  each human is personified with an ego that serves as a crown. Humans are portrayed as royals who scream to express the anxiety of their royal duties. Hermans has created several series of  Screaming Royals,  each of which acts as a visual novel. The latest series,  OLICHARGS,   ROYAL HARDWARE,  and  ROYALS MATTER, address current social issues.

   OLICHARGS  is an installation of 16 porcelain/glass sculptures that reflect the explosion of fascistic norms and the fear of being ruled by fascistic leaders. 

   ROYAL HARDWARE  is an installation of 72 porcelain/glass tiaras. A dazzling display of crowns where all egos and drags can dream big and pick their hardware.

   ROYALS MATTER  is a seri of 4 sculptures that addresses woke norms and the idea that we are all equals, all royals.

Hermans' works have been frequently exhibited in museums and galleries both in the Netherlands and internationally. His theatre designs have been produced in several theatres in Europe and beyond, and his work can be found in collections in museums in the Netherlands, Belgium, the USA, Brazil, and Japan.

Hermans studied sculpture at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam from 1980 to 1985. During his studies, he experimented with busts and architectural numerology constructions, and learned in various 3D departments such as theater design, jewelry, and ceramics. His interest in sculpture began in childhood when he played in sandpits and built sandcastles. At age 11, he was captivated by the images of the crowns and jewels at the Tower of London. He was also inspired by the works of Picasso, the Greek classics, and Brancusi, and this mixture of inspiration guided him towards a focus on sculpture.


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